Saturday, July 6, 2013

Painting and Photography Jobs…

So… I have been kinda feeling a little glum about starting my own photography thing. Okay, let me start  by telling you what I do at my job. At the studio I work at I am the main photographer who does the senior and family portraits. I also go out and do sports pictures for Little Leagues. I Cannot stand doing the Little League pictures, it is too conveyer belt like. The kid stand on the x’s and you take the pic, the next kid stands on the x’s and you take the pic…… and it goes on and on. I have taken up to 350 kid’s photos in a day. That is crazy! and not photography in my mind, anyone could do it.

The family and senior portraits that we do at the studio is what I really like to do. However they are very cookie cutter, basic, studio style pic’s. Nothing really creative and fun. Any time I do something different from the studio standard my boss tells me it is something the customers won’t buy. I feel stuck in a creative rut, I feel like I have learned all I can learn from the studio portraits.

I have been wanting to start my own thing and start doing more creative and artistic photos. I have though felt like I can’t really start my own thing, and no one really wants that more artsy style that I want to do. Also that I can’t learn it and get the equipment of my own. Well last night I was a photo booth photographer at a wedding and I got to meet two other photographers. I was totally intimidated. They were the sort of photographers I ogle over, the ones I wish I could be.

They weren’t what I was expecting either. hahaha I was thinking they would laugh at what I do and leave me be. I was so wrong! They really understood my feeling stuck in a rut. They totally were encouraging in my ideas of doing my own thing and going after the more creative portraits. So I now have this new found hope in starting my own thing! : ) I have been praying about finding some way to get going on my own and I think meeting encouraging people is the first step.

I have been thinking for a while now that I need to change my blog name to also fit a future photography “company”. So I NEED your help. I am not creative at all when it comes to names, I had thought of using my name, but I don’t think I really want to do that anymore.

So PLEASE leave a comment with a name idea that I can use for my blog AND a photography company.

Anyways! Here are some pic’s of my recent piece of art and of my watercolor paints.  : )


Have a great day! : ) Don’t forget to give me some ideas!

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Emily said...

Just play around with it;) I just looked for ideas online and tried to mixed it with my own ideas:) I didn't want to use my name either! It's too darn common! I'm sure you will come up with something great! You are too creative!